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Lync Server

Lync 2013 Should Be Able to Record in Multi-Party/Gallery format

Lync 2013 Should Be Able to Record in Multi-Party/Gallery format. (much like google hangouts). All the video is already being delivered to client, it is just showing active speaker.


verification not in lync 2013 at this time:

Lync Client

Client Side Call recording

If I had a dollar for everytime I was asked for call recording. That said, a few months ago I noticed that the Lync 2013 client (15.0.4517.1504 - 32-bit) had the option to record a standard 2 party call. I thought that it was going to stay but the very next update made it disappear. One of my users refuses to update Lync client to hold on to this function. It would be awesome if this was available without having to buy... more »

Lync Client

Options for editing Lync 2013 recordings

Like with Lync 2010 it would be nice to have the ability to trim start-end of recordings.

That was an obvious option as you usually start earlier and stop after meeting ends.

A better implementation would also allow to extract parts within the recording :-) But that might be a bit too much as the basic function is not there anymore :-(

Lync Server

Better/custom recording quality

I do not know if it is client or server side but recording quality is really bad, especially for the video frame and audio encoding.
There is a world between what you see/hear live and the exported recording :-(
We are using a 720p video feed and audio from a mixing console (hand and tie mics) so the diference from live to export is really bad :-(
So far I capture the slides wit Lync the I add audio and video into a Premiere... more »

Lync Server

Schedule recoding for a meeting

In many occasions there is an interesting meeting which you are not able to attend as it might be conflicting with other meeting or all-together does not fit conviniently with your working hours.
It would be helpful to shcedule a meeting to be recorded in advance without having to actually attend it and then start the recording.

Today's work-arounds:
1) Ask from the meeting organizer or someone else which is going to... more »