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Lync Server

Lync Should Add a Presense State for Ringing for Call Pickup

As Lync 2013 now has the ability to use Call Pickup which works on the Principle that if u hear the Phone Ring u can Pickup another users Phone Call - which works very well insetad of complex Simultaneous Ring Setup

This Scenario obviously only works if u can hear the phone - now that Phone Vendors like Snom are providing customizable Buttons if Lync Could provide a presence that changes color or flashes to alert user... more »
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Lync Client

Ability to preview the caller ID for Call Pickup Group members

This is a very common feature of traditional PBX: the ability for a Call Pickup Group member to see who is calling and than choose to pickup the call or not.

At this moment if a user is member of a Call Pickup Group there is no way to preview the caller ID.

Every of our customers ask for this feature.