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Lync Client

Add BToE standard component into Lync Client

At this moment 3PIP phone vendors have to create it's own version of BToE PC client and add the function to the phone fw.

The results are not so good and very different between vendors, so the user experience is not uniform.

I think MS should add a standard BToE component into Lync Client, so the 3PIP vendors only need to add the BToE to the phone code, and the IT stuff do not need to add a separete BToE client.

Lync Phone Edition

Lync Phones that are smart, easy to configure with detailed logs

I would love to see a smarter bread of Lync phone. I have lost count of the amount of hours wasted configuring Lync phones. They should be simple, plug and play inside and outside the corporate network and have adequate logging. I would love to see a touch screen interface running something similar to the mobile client.

Lync Client

Add possibility to mute conference participants privatly

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Please implement the possibility to mute other persons in a conference call in the way that I do not hear them through the conference but the rest do.

Typical scenario is when some persons are sitting in the same room and already hear each other in reality. Now we get an echo with a couple of seconds between hearing them in reality and then through the headset.

Using speakers is not always a good option as all persons... more »

Lync Server

Meeting Invite - Join by Phone trending idea

In Lync 2010 it was possible to add multiple Join by Phone locations in the order of your choice so that the invitee could select the best number to dial based on their location BUT displaying the locations alphabetically if that desired.
In 2013 the display order is default and cannot be changed (or at least I can't easily find see a way to re-arrange the order any way I like).
I dont want to be doing a deep dive to... more »

Lync Server

Pool and User-level PIN Policies

In Lync 2010/2013, our only options for PIN policies are Site-based or the Global policy. The PIN policies should have the same applicable levels as all of the other policies available in Lync (Global -> Site -> Pool -> User). When setting up conference phones (with an associated Exchange resource account), we could disable "Enforce device locking" for these accounts and allow calendar access without affecting the rest... more »

Lync Server

Phone Support for Delegation

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We would like to have a user with Delegates at our remote stores instead of Response Groups. The desire is for the Delegate to use a phone (such as a Polycom CX600) instead of using the Lync Client. Response groups at remote sites are slow, require the network to be available to receive a call and seem to reduce the call experience for the customer. Using Delegates with a phone (such as a Polycom CX600) is not a supported... more »