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Lync Client

To easily switch between video sources (cameras) during a call

Ok, so I have multiple video sources (cameras) attached to my client, perhaps I'm a teacher in a room but not using a room based system. I have a camera pointing at me but also the class, however, I can't easily switch between these when a call is live - yes it can be done, but is very cumbersome and clunky as you need to go through the options in the client, then you need to restart the video.

The user can switch audio... more »
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Lync Server

Multiple DID's for a Lync user\RGS

I would like to see the ability to:-
1. assign multiple line URI's to a single user
2. assign multiple line URI's to a Response Group.

Reason being that we want to make the person or RG available as a local DID. We often come across scenarios where services are offered across multiple regions and human nature is usually to call the "local guys".

Imagine a response group responsible for National support but being reachable... more »