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Lync Server

GUI and PS command to see who is federating with me

When running open federation the only way of checking which organizations that are federating with your organization is to go into your edge server (in that workgroup in that DMZ), open the event viewer and look for Event ID 14601. Here you will find a list of all active domains (organizations) that are currently federating with you.

My suggestion is that this list should be visible in the Lync Server Control Panel... more »

Lync Server

correct or warn on "sip:" that is not all lower case

If you create a trusted application endpoint, and assign a SIP address where the "sip:" prefix is either capitalized or in all upper case, you don't get an error/warning. However, if you then try to send an IM to that endpoint, you get obscure errors. The solution is to change the "sip:" prefix to all lower case. It would be nice if Lync either errored when you try to assign it, or just corrected it to all lower case.... more »

Lync Server

ADFS support

Lync should be able to provide better user identity management and AD integration through ADFS and DirSync or similar. This is currently a major limitation for LHP, hosted solutions when cloud AD integration is not possible. Current solutions involve complex, costly and often limited identity management solutions like FIM or third parties.

Lync Client

allow for multiple account login for Lync?

why connect to multiple logins from Lync client:
- officer on duty (should have access to his real identity and OoD account -- in mobile phone solved by give phone to next person) -- and persisten chat or group chat not solve it).
- supporting people on customer Lync... more »

Lync Server

Test-CsKerberosAssignment output and pipelining

Right now, if you run this cmdlet, there is no output to the console unless you use -verbose. And even then, it's limited. It would be nice if there was standard test cmdlet output. It would be really nice if this cmdlet also supported pipelining, such as Get-CsKerberosAssignment | Test-CsKerberosAssignment.