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Lync Client

Lync client for Mac improvements

Lync for Mac helps improve the user experience on the mac, but here are some features that are still missing that would be nice to have:

- Upload a PowerPoint
- White board and Polls
- Recording
- E911
- Manage Team Call and Delegate settings
- Attendee client for Mac
- USB "Better Together" with Lync Phone Edition

(moved to own idea)-Support for managing input and output devices with USB headsets, handsets (ala Polycom... more »

Lync Client

Mac: Separate app volume from the system volume

Current behavior:
The volume level in the Lync app will set the system volume to the same value as the app. Adjusting the system volume is not reflected in the app. At some point, the app will again set/reset the system volume. This causes a problem if you are wearing earphones and have adjusted the system volume down, when the reset happens it can be... unpleasant.

Ideal behavior:
Separate app volume from the system... more »