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Lync Server

Meeting Invite - Join by Phone

In Lync 2010 it was possible to add multiple Join by Phone locations in the order of your choice so that the invitee could select the best number to dial based on their location BUT displaying the locations alphabetically if that desired.
In 2013 the display order is default and cannot be changed (or at least I can't easily find see a way to re-arrange the order any way I like).
I dont want to be doing a deep dive to... more »
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Lync Client

Ability to convert Impromptu Lync Mtg to Outlook Integrated


1. We have an existing impromptu Lync meeting (IM/Chat) with a few people working on an incident. The incident is judged to be a Major Incident and we want to send out an Outlook Meeting invite (meeting starting NOW) where the meeting offers the automatic "Join Online" option as Lync meetings originating in an Outlook Meeting.

2. If we try copying "Meeting Entry Info" into an outlook meeting,... more »