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Lync Client

Ability to preview the caller ID for Call Pickup Group members

This is a very common feature of traditional PBX: the ability for a Call Pickup Group member to see who is calling and than choose to pickup the call or not.

At this moment if a user is member of a Call Pickup Group there is no way to preview the caller ID.

Every of our customers ask for this feature.

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Lync Server

Move 'Alternate Caller ID' from Route Config to... Voice Policy

Presently, an alternate caller ID must be defined in the route.
And so... for every department/team requiring an alternate caller ID, a new route must be defined (even though it is the same route used by everyone else).

In most stone-age PBX's, the default Caller ID can be overrode by some attribute related to the user.

Would like to see the Alternate Caller ID defined in the Voice Policy - and have it override the... more »
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Lync Client

Display Caller ID name on incoming respone group calls

I'm using Lync 2013 with response groups to manage incoming calls. The calls come from the PSTN via a NET gateway.

The call notification toast displays the number of the caller but not the name. After I answer a call, it displays the name. I would like to be able to see the caller name while the call is ringing.

It seems that this has been an issue since OCS days. more »