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Lync Server

Exchange UM Auto Attendant: Dial Extension or Key Mapping

One of the challenges with Exchange UM Auto Attendants is that you cannot have both accept "Key Mapping" and "Dial Extension Number" using the same time Auto Attendant. Would be nice if this functionality could be add to AA's.


Here is a more indepth explanation of the challenge and a work around:

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Lync Server

Meet Now button in Lync via Outlook Web App / Exchange Online

I had fun writing this post last night and pushing the boundaries of Lync in OWA.
It got me thinking. The addition of a 'Meet Now' button on the Contact card, right beside "Schedule a meeting", would be perfect. It could create the meeting space, log you into the Lync Online meeting in your browser and send an invite to your Lync contact to join the meeting. The new Lync Online experience in the browser makes good use... more »
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Lync Client

Do Away with Lync Contacts

Ever since I can remember, I never understood why Lync can not just use the same contacts in outlook, why do we need a second list with exactly the same information ? (Alas uneditable), duplication of data is never a good thing.

One contact list is all we need, as suggested below, maybe with a checkbox or a setting to allow lync connection, instead of a completely different list that is always out of sync with your current... more »
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Lync Server

Coexistence with Exchange 2007 and 2013

I would like to see Lync 2013 updated to have the ability to work properly in an environment that has both Exchange 2007 and 2013 running in a coexistence scenario. Currently if pointed to Exch 2013 but your mailbox is not migrated yet, Exch 2013 does a fine job at being a proxy and not causing an outage to the end user. However Lync constantly prompts with "Exchange needs your credentials". No matter what you enter... more »