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Lync Server

Allow non-EV enabled users to set pin

Only about 20% of our users will be enabled for Enterprise voice but the rest might still be participants and leaders of Lync conferences via dial-in.


Unfortunately Lync won't let non-EV enabled users to set a pin so the leaders of the conf cannot control it from the phone.


Would be nice if they could still setup a pin for conference control.

Lync Server

Night Bell Functionality

We have this installed in a Manufacturing Environment, and during normal business hours, there is a receptionist to answer the calls. but during off-hours, we need to have the ability to have the System ring over the PA system. That being said, we would need to have the functionality of someone answering the phone from any phone in the plant - entering in a number sequence, and then the call would be answered - and... more »

Lync Server

Join Conference Audio/Video via WLM

Lync Web App + Dial-In Conference Number works pretty well.

A neat feature would be to make use of the PIC Audio/Video connectivity with Windows Live Messenger to allow a guest to be "called" based on their Windows Live ID. All the collaboration would still use Lync Web App, but Audio and Video would be handled via Windows Live Messenger.

This would allow Lync Web App to be useable for guest users without having to... more »


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Lync Phone Edition

Multiple ringtones on Lync Phone Edition

the Windows Lync client lets you have different ringtones for your calls, team calls, response groups and private calls. It would be nice if this could also be done on Lync Phone Edition.


It should be noted also that snom phones have the ability, although there are only 3 ringtone options (Regular, Forwarded and Private) which is not as many as the Lync client itself.

Lync Client

Attendant Console Improved Notes

The Lync Attendant Console desperately needs the ability for create, store and share centralised notes.

The issue we are facing is that our receptionist rely on a feature of a previous consoles we were using with out legacy PBX that is not available in the current Attendant console.

This the ability to store notes on a user or number, and have them available to all receptionists. I know that you can take a note on an... more »

Lync Server

Response Group Forwarding if Lync Client is set to Forward Call

The ability for Response Groups being able to forward a call to a mobile/telephone number if the Lync Client is set to forward.

Reason for this; First Aid Response Group

The RG has a group of Lync Users that have either Internal/DDI numbers and number of them users are not always at their desk and forward all calls to mobile numbers.

Having this option available will allow sites to fully utilize the group of First... more »

Lync Server

E911 – EmergencyDialString

In Lync it is possible to configure only one EmergencyDialString number. This because in the United States there is only one emergency services number. In other Countries, for example Switzerland, we have multiple emergency numbers and accordingly we have the need to signal location information for multiple numbers!

It should be possible to configure multiple emergency numbers (EmergencyDialString).

Lync Server

Exchange UM Auto Attendant: Dial Extension or Key Mapping

One of the challenges with Exchange UM Auto Attendants is that you cannot have both accept "Key Mapping" and "Dial Extension Number" using the same time Auto Attendant. Would be nice if this functionality could be add to AA's.


Here is a more indepth explanation of the challenge and a work around: