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Lync Server

Missing features in general

There are several high profile missing features in Lync. Many are ideas submitted in this very forum. There is very little evidence that Microsoft is paying any attention to this site, but we plug away nonetheless.

My idea is for Microsoft to actually do something about the missing features.

From my perspective, these missing features are the customers' biggest complaints.

Hold Music - why can't we just have server... more »
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Lync Server

Lync Phone Edition EWS Integration

For organizations that require password changes (which almost all do), when I change my Active Directory account password it does not update the password on Lync Phone Edition. Generally this isn't an issue as the phone keeps working, BUT, Exchange intregration on the phone becomes unavailable because my password is wrong. I cannot view Call Logs, Voicemails, or Calendar on the phone. It requires me (and our users)... more »
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Lync Client

Rule based call forwarding

The user should be able to forward calls based on different criteria:


• Caller number

• Caller is in the user’s contact List

• The presence status

• Caller Privacy Relationship

• Time

• Out of office (Exchange) status

• Etc.


The forwarded calls should be able to be transferred to the following destinations:


• Other Lync user

• UM voicemail

• PSTN/mobile number


• Team call group

• Etc.

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Lync Server

Better Business Reporting

Would like the ability to have reports for business users. The current reporting in Lync 2013 is geared toward call quality, diagnostics, ... It would be great to have reports that show how many calls come into the company, how many calls are answered by each person, how many calls were offered to each person, average time to answer, average call time, call volume by hour, ... This would have to include peer-to-peer... more »