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Lync Server

Move 'Alternate Caller ID' from Route Config to... Voice Policy

Presently, an alternate caller ID must be defined in the route.
And so... for every department/team requiring an alternate caller ID, a new route must be defined (even though it is the same route used by everyone else).

In most stone-age PBX's, the default Caller ID can be overrode by some attribute related to the user.

Would like to see the Alternate Caller ID defined in the Voice Policy - and have it override the... more »
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Lync Phone Edition

Tiled Buttons of Speed Dial and Most Frequently Used

As a VoIP user people expect to be able to visually see and set speed dial numbers and see them quickly around/near the number pad. If they have to click into favourites and scroll, it's not efficient. Please make an extension to the RHS of the dial pad for a) Speed Dial and b) Most Frequently Used so they can quickly call either Voice or Audio calls at a click. We have server code to set company wide favourites/contacts... more »