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Lync Client

Delegate backup

If delegates are associated with the task to answer calls for a manager, the manager sets "Simultaneous call" to the delegate, but then the delegate needs to go on lunch break or in a long meeting. The delegate should be able to either change the call forwarding settings of the manager, or set call forwarding to a backup person who will ALSO receive the calls of the manager. With Lync 2010 this was not possible. Not sure... more »

Lync Server

Phone Support for Delegation

We would like to have a user with Delegates at our remote stores instead of Response Groups. The desire is for the Delegate to use a phone (such as a Polycom CX600) instead of using the Lync Client. Response groups at remote sites are slow, require the network to be available to receive a call and seem to reduce the call experience for the customer. Using Delegates with a phone (such as a Polycom CX600) is not a supported... more »