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Lync Server

Consolidated Release Notes for Cumulative Updates

Whenever a new CU is released, the Microsoft Knowledge base article references a separate KB article for each component that is included in the update. When 10+ components get updated, it is tedious to check each individual article for fixes/improvements.

I would like to see a summary that covers the Release Notes for all components that a CU applies to in the main article.

For reference: more »
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Lync Client

Continue making Cumulative Updates for the Lync Client

In the past, updates to the Lync client have come as Cumulative Update packs which could be rolled out in bulk to upgrade all users to a similar level of patches.


Now that the updates are dumped into the Windows Updates for Office 2013 batch, it's very hard to keep track of JUST the Lync Client updates. We'd like to maintain the Lync updates separately, as the larger CU packs.

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Lync Server

Running the CU update should update the deployment cache also

Just realised that when you take some role from the Front End away and add it back, the new service is not on the CU level but on the RTM level :(


Isn't great that if you deploy the CU it will also update the deployment cache at the same time? So when you run the deployment wizard you do not need to take care of the CUs.