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Lync Server

Control Panel new user should pre-select default SIP domain

I have only one SIP domain in my deployment, yet when I go to enable a new user in the Control Panel, the SIP domain fields under "Generate user's SIP URI" are all blank. I need to click the pull-down and select from the only option there is.

Lync has a "Default" SIP domain. The CSCP should populate the SIP domain fields on the form with this value automatically.

Should the developers see reason why this shouldn't... more »

Lync Client

Request to take control (for helpdesk)

We have deployed Lync across the company and we want to use it for HelpDesk to shadow users. It would be great for a way to 'take control' of the user's PC without the end user having to initiate it (ie. HelpDesk should initiate the control request and the end user would just see an 'accept/decline' popup)??


Curretnly the user has to offer the helpdesk technician control...


Cheers, Mike