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Lync Client

Contact list sorting and save state in Mac client

Right now, you can't reorder the groups in the contact list in the Mac client. Groups are sorted alphabetically. And whenever you login, the groups are all expanded. Allow for custom order of groups, and keep the state between logins. Also, allow for expansion of distribution groups in the contact list. This is not currently possible.

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Lync Mobile

Fix Lync/S4B mobile (and Lync for mac) contact list

The contactlist integration of the mobile client is not uptodate with the Windowsclient.
If you create a contact in Outlook with only a name and a PSTN-number it shows up correctly on the desktop client since it fetches contact data from both Lync and Exchange.
But on the mobile the client shows up as a PSTN-number as displayname.
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Lync Client

Pin Contacts to taskbar

Often times Lync window is slow to open on my computer and not optimized for quickly launching IM's. With the functionality of PINNING items to the windows taskbar along with pinning activities/files/info to specific programs on the taskbar, it would be very useful if I could pin contacts from my Lync Contacts to the windows taskbar. Or, alternatively, have the contacts in my Favorites folder in lync be pinned to the... more »