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Lync Server

Web Conference invite customized

I get asked every project: can we customize/marketize the Web Conference Invite that goes out in email?

This could could be as simple as exposing the underlying DLL or whatever it is for editing. Or better yet, give us a small engine to do the editing with logos, custom help URL's, ability to change the UGLY appearance of the Dialin numbers, etc. If the standard invite has a parameter, we should be able to change... more »
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Lync Server

Lync Meeting Invite

to be able to include in the invite automatically, the link to join via a web client, in other words, with "?sl=1" at the end of the meeting path.

Clients with closed federations who can't join the meeting using their Lync client, could then just click on the Web Client Only link.

The comment discussion is also overlapping with the "Web Conference invite customized" suggestion. Vote for his too, or merge these ideas... more »
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Lync Client

Improve non-federated client meeting behavior

We've been seeing an increase in the number of Lync folks that have native Lync clients connected to a non-open environment. Largely these appear to be US government folks.

When we attempt to invite them to a meeting, their native client takes priority and attempts to connect but fails due to their non federated environment or firewall. We then have them back track and open up the web client.

While this is a workaround... more »