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Lync Server

Control Panel new user should pre-select default SIP domain

I have only one SIP domain in my deployment, yet when I go to enable a new user in the Control Panel, the SIP domain fields under "Generate user's SIP URI" are all blank. I need to click the pull-down and select from the only option there is.

Lync has a "Default" SIP domain. The CSCP should populate the SIP domain fields on the form with this value automatically.

Should the developers see reason why this shouldn't... more »

Lync Server

Ability to move dial-in access numbers to another pool

Right now, you cannot change which pool a dial-in access number is assigned to. That association can only be set when the number is added. During migrations, you often need to move numbers to a new pool from a legacy pool. This entails deleting the number, then adding it back in, changing only the assign pool. It would be nice if you could edit it in CP and set a new pool association.