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how to show as inline/embed image using lync 2013 api

Using lync 2013 api,I am trying to send image using the below code. actually image is transferring to participant,but it is not showing as inline/embed image instead storing in to temporary location "C:\Users\testlync\Documents\My Received Files".


Is there any way to display as inline/embed image in the conversation windows itself.

sample code :


AutomationModalities _ChosenMode = AutomationModalities.FileTransfer | AutomationModalities.InstantMessage;


return Task.Factory.StartNew( () => {




, new string[] { _conversation.Participants[1].Contact.Uri.Replace("sip:", "") }

, _ModalitySettings

, cr => { }

, null);



I have posted the same question on the lync developer forum too,but I am not getting any reply.


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