Lync Server

conference leader options

Allow several options by the initiator/leader/conference admin, similar to other software such as Virtual Rooms: 1 - allow leader to mute all lines and control audio per person.

2 - allow leader to disable or allow global options such as video and chat.

3 - allow leader to present slides but not allow others to take control.

Basically, many more features all around a leader being able to take control, and use the conference/sharing feature for classroom/instructor functions. Currently, all participants are "peers" with no leader options by the person who sent the invite. Reference HP Virtual Rooms. Our company (HP) is switching from Virtual Rooms to Lync to save costs, but Lync is missing many features and currently cannot act as a replacement, lacking several key software features only but could be also a strong tool for instructor/classroom conferences.


Idea No. 467