Lync Client

Time Zone Support

Hello! I work with teams in 6 different time zones. I try to make first contact with many team members on SFB. These team members show up as 'not on line', and that's OK, however I would like to know how long I need to wait before checking again (mental clock setting). If time zone support were included in the user profile, and displayed in SFB next to the name I would see that my new work associate Bill is on PACIFIC time and I need to wait until at least NOON to contact him. This most likely would need to be a global OUTLOOK setting (also?) and I am headed there next to suggest it. I am unsure of the "campaign" below but am choosing CLIENT for the display part. Hmmm.... maybe hover over the name and see their OUTLOOK calendar for today... Hmmmm.... pretty complex and requires extensive shared info but maybe...


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