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Skype video integration - is this done yet, or soon?

Microsoft has been pretty silent about this lately - no press or ETA about having the video integration and security completed between Lync and Skype. Does anyone have any news or new information on this?


Latest _real_ news or press about this I see was at Lync 2014 conference (Feb/March timeframe) and was imminent, although they made it seem like it was right around the corner over a year ago.


My understanding is that they were incorporating all the IP of SILK from Skype into their Lync video codecs and end to end security, making a seamless and secure conversation between Lync (Business) and Skype (Consumer, sort of) services, regardless of the client they're using (mobile, xbox one, PC, etc).


Any news? I'm hoping this is right around the corner, as they've been promising for quite a while and we really want to capture this for potential customer-discussions or job interviews via video, etc. without having to install Skype or other conferencing software on our PCs, or asking a candidate or customer to install different software on their computers just for this one interaction.


Many thanks if there is new information on this from the Lync / Skype team at Microsoft - I'm referring to native communication as well, no third-party bridge offerings please. Thanks


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