Lync Server

Schedule recoding for a meeting

In many occasions there is an interesting meeting which you are not able to attend as it might be conflicting with other meeting or all-together does not fit conviniently with your working hours.

It would be helpful to shcedule a meeting to be recorded in advance without having to actually attend it and then start the recording.


Today's work-arounds:

1) Ask from the meeting organizer or someone else which is going to attend to record and then send you the recording. This may not be problematic since you depend on others (firstly to record and then to send you the file which is rather big)

2) Log in to the meeting from advance and start the recording before the meeting actually begins. This is possible, but not very convinient, as resulting file size can be huge or include very long pause at the beginning (not trivial to crop) or even some chance that recording will be unsuccessfull in case of connection disruption.

Idea No. 463