Lync Server

Parked Calls (Through Gateway) After Park TimeOut Act Weird

UserB (person call parked for) are able to answer a parked call (external call incoming /thru pstn/sip) EVEN after "CallPickupTimeoutThreshold" completes and when the call is ringing back to the user who parked the call (UserA).


So at this time the call is ringing back to UserA, but if UserB picks up the parked call (and they can), UserA will continue to ring!


If UserA answers, this call becomes a 3 party conference, and the same call gets disconnected for all parties as soon as the UserA disconnects from this 3 party conference.


This call disconnects if User A fails to answer.


This was tested with Intelepeer trunk, NET UX1000 and Audiocodes MSBG800 gateways with largely similar results.


This was submitted via a Pro. Case and Msft verified it is a bug via Case# REG:112082072920816

New Case# 113012410165873

Idea No. 90