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New Routing Method - Status Selection

We would like a feature to select the method (Parallel, Round-Robin, Agent, ...) and which status we would like to use with it.


For example, I would like to use the Parallel method for all calls unless an Agent is "In a Call" or "Do Not Disturb". I would want their phones to ring in this method if they were any other status.


To offer a new call to all available agents at the same time, click Parallel. The call is sent to the first agent who accepts it. I believe their presence has to be Available for this to happen. It is the presence information that I would like to set independently.


To offer a new call to all agents who are signed into Lync Server and the Response Group application at the same time, regardless of their current presence, click Attendant. The call is sent to the first agent who accepts it, and the other Lync Attendant users no longer see the call. The issue with this is that it rings the attendant even when "In a Call" when using the normal Lync client.


Really the difference between Parallel and Attendant is presence. I would like to be able to select this differently than either of these two modes and ignore calls when already "In a Call".


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