Lync Server

Native Ethical Firewall Functionality

There are a few 3rd-party vendors out there with Ethical Firewall solutions (granular control of which groups of users or individual users can communicate with other users), but none are complete solutions, and in most cases, business requirements warrant pricey customization by the vendor. It is been a long-time ask that Ethical Firewall functionality be built into the Lync/Skype for Business product, and this would really help fully round out this solution for various potential customers.


At a minimum, the ability to open up federation for all users, and then control which external organizations can be communicated with by specific groups of users should be implemented. I know this ask has been out there for quite some time, and given the lackluster way in which vendors have delivered on this, I think this is something that should now be implemented natively.


Idea No. 566