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Modular Response Groups

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One of the biggest limitations I have found with Lync from our traditional PBX system is lack of in-depth workflows/call handling with response groups. Currently, our Lync deployment is rock solid, however as our organization grows, we are finding that Lync is continuously being a bottleneck at what we can/cannot do with call routing at the response group level. One thing our organization would like is the ability to delegate Response Group Queues down to their respective departments. This would give each department lead the flexibility to configure who all is in the queue, who is on call, etc. Unfortunately, with the current state of Lync, we have to double the amount of work and time put into managing the groups due to the inflexibility when it comes to working with managed and unmanaged groups. Per the following Lync article (, you can currently “link” response groups/queues together that are unmanaged. However, when using managed response groups, each response group must have its own queue unique to the workflow. This in turn makes our queues that are linked to our main number, unmanageable by our department leads unless we create separate queues for each. I have created a simple image below of what we are trying to achieve (a very simple response group workflow).

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