Lync Server

Lync Phone Edition EWS Integration

For organizations that require password changes (which almost all do), when I change my Active Directory account password it does not update the password on Lync Phone Edition. Generally this isn't an issue as the phone keeps working, BUT, Exchange intregration on the phone becomes unavailable because my password is wrong. I cannot view Call Logs, Voicemails, or Calendar on the phone. It requires me (and our users) to log off their account on the phone and log back on - a pain and waste of time. Additionally, this results in the "Yellow Bang" symbol being displayed on the phone display with the "Microsoft Exchange integration unavailable" error, which results in support calls for users wanting to know what's wrong with their phone.


It would be nice if either Exchange supported Web-Ticket authentication so that it doesn't matter if the password on the phone is incorrect, or if there were another Lync-based workaround that didn't involve users having to log off phones every time they change their password.


Idea No. 63