Lync Mobile

Least Cost Routing For Lync for Mobile

In a new world of having to find all ways to save our customers money, Lync has been a platform that's allowed us to demonstrate rather quick ROI and overall Unified Communications TCO reductions.


But recently we've noticed a negative trend to this with the Lync for Mobile 2013 client.


Unfortunately we don't live in a world where everyone has unlimited data plans on their smartphones domestically, but even worse when roaming international. So the flaw in Lync for Mobile is when you're not connected to a free WiFi spot, my customers are consuming their precious data plan GB's. Those costs billed back to their company far exceed the 'unlimited talk' plans most cell carriers provide today.


The IDEA - Lync For Mobile needs to be aware of the network type connected to, and if the device is roaming. These data points should then present the Lync for Mobile user with additional "Least Cost Routing" (LCR) options.


Example: I'm in London (but i'm a Verizon customer and therefor data plan is domestic based in USA). I need to place a call using LFM, so i go to my contacts, and dial the numbr using LFM. As LFM is aware I’m roaming and not on a WiFi network, LFM presents to me instantly an option to use my Lync Server to set-up the call and dial me back on my Mobile Phone number. This way I’m leveraging my company’s negotiated tariffs, and i as the end user am not going to be paying data costs for this call. As Lync Server is managing the call, i should still have the flexibility to manage the call such as transfer, mute, ad-hoc add into a conference call etc...


That example to me is true UC 101. Call handling never leaves the management of Lync Server.

Idea No. 294