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Improve :: Invite By Name or Phone Number -

While active on a call (Lync to Lync, PSTN or conference), you can easily invite someone by Name or Phone number. It works fine if the dialled phone number is not an IVR enabled with multiple options or any other conferencing number which requires you to enter conferencing PIN/ID .


While trying to add someone using Phone Number with IVR on an existing active call, call connects to the number but fail to accept input (Conference PIN or any input from keypad). The keypad accepts the input for first active session and fails to response for added phone number with IVR.


Is it possible to make Lync client bit intelligent to accept keypad input for Invite by Phone Number with IVR?


A simple work around is to dial number with IVR first and then add the other direct numbers without IVR. In this case, you do not need to use keypad for added numbers.


Can this be integrated within Lync client?





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