Lync Server

Dynamic DNS Record generation and update

I'd like to see an improvement, both in topology builder and in the front end server to automatically generate the DNS Records that should be plumbed in. Id like to see the service also self reparing. As an example of how this can be done - thik about the netlogon service of AD. If you break the DNS records, the netlogon service recreates the needed records. Result!


I'd like the Topology builder to generate either a DNS file or a PowerShell script that created all the necessary DNS Records for both internal and External DNS. This would be, in effect, what is needed at the end once everything built has been deployed.


I'd also like to see the FE, mediation and edge (and probably director) server(s) to dynamically update dns with the records that are needed to support what is currently running. And do this update once per hour.


Finally, I'd like to have BPA check for this too.


And insanely - how about a PowerShell Desired State Configuration file that did DSC on the DNS server with respect to the DNS records needed.


Idea No. 361