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Contact List Design - Skype4B

Mentioned this before when Skype4B was still MS Lync. Seems like the design is to allow Skype4B client to be used with a touchscreen device and with that the spaces in between contacts on the contact list are now larger than they were before.


Being more of a minimalist in terms of design and also maybe customizing easier (and less rigid) for people who are as anal as I am, request that:

1. The minimum window width be cut in at least half.

2. Ability to hide the "Group/Status/Relationships/New" bar

3. Ability to hide the "Person/Clock/Calendar" icons

4. Ability to shrink/expand space in between contacts (so that I personally can make it single spaced)

5. Way to dock the contact list to the left or right of the screen.


As it stands, the Skype4B contact list takes up 25% of my valuable 17 in. screen and it only shows 23 of my 30 (roughly 75%) contacts.


It should really take up at max 15% of my screen and show all of my contacts without requiring a scroll bar with room to spare.

Idea No. 570