Lync Client

Call Pickup Keyboard Shortcut

Lync has many Keyboard Shortcut, the one that miss is one for Call Pickup.

Scenario: many EV users, only Lync client 2013 is used, no IP Phones. If a user is member of a CallPickup Group it need to place a call to the CP number to answer a collague's call.


I think the client should:

- autodetect if the user is member of a CallPickup Group and the number of that group

- offer a native Keyboard Shortcut to quick dial the CallPickup Group number

- maybe the Keyboard Shortcut could be identified by a Client Option


In that way the Lync Admin could select the Keyboard Shortcut (for eg: F9) by Set-CSClientPolicy, add the users to their Call Pickup Group (for eg: #800) and the client do the rest (read the policy, read the CallPickup configuration of the user and set F9 to quick dial #800 in the example)


Idea No. 298