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Be able to disable smart cropping/face tracking in Lync Store Ap



A moderator in the MSDN Lync forum suggested that I should post my question as a post/idea here. I'm pasting my post from the forum here as a start:


Is there any plans (if not this is really a needed function as an idea) to integrate the possibility to deactivate smart cropping/face tracking in the Lync Windows Store App? Many of our customers want's to use a solution from us which uses the app with a Logitech cc3000, a touch panel for control and a large monitor.


The biggest issue with this solution is the smart cropping/face tracking functionality that mess up the way the video from the meeting room appears. The video image crops to a 4:3 format and most of the time the app tries to focus on one person.


This leaves the solution not suitable for meeting rooms. which it is intended to be used in. In the latest version of the Lync 2013 client, there is the option to deactivate this feature, so we really hope it is plans to be able to do this in the App as well!? The 2013 client itself is not suitable for us, since one of the main features of the solution is the touch panel for control and user friendliness. Many of our customers is impressed with the solution itself, but the smart cropping feature have to be disabled before many of our customers are willing to place orders.


We see that we could also sell a lot more of Office 365 subscriptions because of this solution and functionality. So again we hope the Lync Windows Store App will get the possibility to deactivate smart cropping/face tracking in the near future. Anyone from Microsoft in this forum able to comment on this?


Thank you in advance.


Espen Andresen




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