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Ability to select who you can hear during a Conference Call

When in a Skype conference call and a colleague who sits next to, or close to me is talking, I can hear them twice like an echo. I can hear them speaking in the room but also delayed on my headset, due to latency issues, a second or so later. It is extremely off-putting and difficult to hear what they are saying. Often the only solution is for us to move desks so we are further away and can't hear each other, or to book a meeting room and all call in from one computer. This defeats the object Skype meetings online a little.


It would be very helpful if you had the option to select who's audio you can and can't hear in a call, so that they can only be heard once and therefore it would not cause a kind of echo. All others within the call would still hear them, you would just be muting them from your audio in the call and they could do the same to you.


I know this is an issue shared by many of my colleagues, but many will accept the failing, rather than try to correct it, as that's the "British Way".


If successful, can I also have a medal for my efforts?


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